Synthetic photos

What are synthetic photos?

Synthetic photos are images that are computer-generated, but look photorealistic. The creation process is based on artificial intelligence (AI). A system is “trained” with many hundreds of thousands of images until the algorithm understands the content and can thus independently develop completely new, but not real, images. The people or places designed by the AI ​​only exist digitally, but not in the real world. The idea has been around for a long time (who still remembers Max Headroom?), but the technology was not yet powerful enough – until now.

Syntetisches Portrait

The benefits of AI generated photos

Synthetisches Foto

No model-release required

The people in the photo do not exist in the real world. This enables the photos to be used in a sensitive environment, e.g. for advertising in pharma or campaigns against drug abuse.

Make a wish

A man on a yacht on a dry lake? This is very complex to produce in the real world. With an AI (in the not too distant future) it can be done in a matter of seconds.


There are no limits for your creativity. Synthetic photos will push the boundaries of our imagination and create space for new concepts. For photographers too.

The future of synthetic photos

The quality of the first generated photos is sufficient for some cases, but insufficient for some more demanding projects and high resolution requirements. But: think of the first coarse-grained black and white photo of a camera from 1827 (the view from the window in Le Gras). Where are we now with the current cell phones? One thing is certain: we do not need another 200 years for the same technological jump.

Do you have special projects that require AI generated photos of people? Then write to us now!