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Once uploaded, your images are distributed across many platforms and partners worldwide.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the requirements for a contributor membership?

Everybody can participate. Upload a few photos at the beginning and see how they are accepted by our editorial team or customers and optimize your uploads accordingly. It is only important to us that you have a certain basic legal knowledge – also in your own best interest. We have developed an “upload guide” for this purpose. Do not forget, no matter where you make your photos available, you are the author and have rights, but also obligations. Not only with us, but everywhere on the net.

How much can I earn?

As a PantherMedia contributor you will receive between 30% and 50% of the license fee. With free Smarterpix downloads, we share the success (advertising income, Unlimited membership fees, API income, etc.) with the contributors proportionally to the number of your downloads. You can find examples and a detailed overview of the license shares in the PantherMedia contributor portal.

Can I offer my images via smarterpix only?

PantherMedia optimizes your income across all channels. If you only want to offer images on smarterpix, then you actually cut away a large part of your potential income. If you still want to this, it is possible.

I already have a large portfolio of images. Can you import that for me?

Yes, absolutely. Please contact us and we will coordinate the delivery and import.

Why can’t I upload images directly to smarterpix, but have to go via PantherMedia instead?

We are one and the same company and have a central image database to optimize your sales. At PantherMedia, we have outstanding experience in photo copyright law as well as expertise in selling and marketing stockphotography. This is to your advantage. We are pooling our resources so that we can keep the commissions at this level. PantherMedia is the platform for professional use and has a very comprehensive license, while Smarterpix is for users with lower license requirements, such as private individuals, freelancers, startups & Co.

Can I also offer my photos elsewhere?

Yes, sure.

How time-consuming is the upload?

We only try to get the minimum information from you. Please also note that the better your images are prepared, the greater your earning potential is. For your and our own legal security, the effort for images with people is a little higher, as we always need a signed model release. The more images you upload in a series, the less effort you have per image in that series. The time per image can drop to a few seconds per upload.

If you have any further questions, look through the FAQs and contact us if you can’t find an answer your’re looking for there.