Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs for Memberships

I thought Smarterpix was free?

It is. You will receive hundreds of thousands of images absolutely FREE in exchange for the copyright notice. Sometimes this is not possible, so we offer Unlimited memberships for a small monthly fee. Here you also get access to more than 20 million additional images.

When can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your Unlimited membership at any time, which ends at the end of the then current period (always one month from the starting date). So you have no financial risk or are tied to a subscription.

What does the licence restriction “for one person only” mean?

As a private person, you can use the images free of charge. In the context of a company (legal entity), only the registered member may use the images (also free of charge). Unregistered users (fly-by) are not allowed to use the images on behalf of a company. To do this, you can set up a free account. If you work with several colleagues and share the images with other colleagues for editing and use, each additional person needs a (Unlimited) account. If you want to save the images in a company network in order to make them accessible to all colleagues, every person needs a membership. In this case, it sometimes makes more sense to secure a membership with PantherMedia directly. Here you can give all colleagues access to the files with a license and they automatically receive the right of use. Please understand that, for reasons of liability, we have to know the contact person and image user and that it takes a lot of effort to be able to offer this service. So if you want to use the images very heavily as a company, a compensation is fair and good, so that we can continue to offer new and legally secure images. Further information can be found in the terms of use.

FAQs for photographers

What are the requirements for a photographer membership?

Everybody can participate. Upload a few photos at the beginning and see how they are accepted by our editorial team or customers and optimize your uploads accordingly. It is only important to us that you have a certain basic legal knowledge – also in your own interest. We have developed an “upload guide” for this purpose. Do not forget, no matter where you make your photos available, you are the author and have rights, but also obligations. Not only with us, but everywhere on the net.

How much can I earn?

As a photographer at PantherMedia you will receive between 30% and 50% of the license income. With free Smarterpix downloads, we share the success (advertising income, Unlimited membership fees, API income, etc.) with the contributors proportionally to the number of your downloads. You can find examples and a detailed overview of the license shares in the PantherMedia contributor portal.

Can I offer my images only on smarterpix?

PantherMedia optimizes your income across all channels. If you only want to offer images on smarterpix, then you cut away a large part of your potential income. If you still want to do this, get in touch with us.

I already have a large portfolio of images. Can you import this for me?

Yes, very much. Please contact us and we will coordinate the delivery and import.

Why can’t I upload images directly to smarterpix, but have to do so via PantherMedia?

We are one and the same company and have a central image database to optimize your sales. At PantherMedia there are people who have a lot of agency experience in the areas of image law, sales and marketing. This is to your advantage. We are pooling our resources so that we can keep the commissions at this level. PantherMedia is the platform for professional use and has a very comprehensive license, Smarterpix is for users with lower license requirements, such as private individuals, freelancers, startups & Co.

Can I also offer my photos elsewhere?

Yes of course.

How complex is the upload?

We only try to get the really minimal information from you. Please also note that the better your images are prepared, the greater your earning potential. In order to protect you and us from legal difficulties, the effort for images with people is a little higher, as we (you!) always need a signed model release. The more images in a series you upload, the less effort you need to do. This can drop to a few seconds per image.