Licence Overview

Licence overview

With the smarterpix licence you can use the images for personal, editorial or commercial purposes in accordance with the licence agreement of the terms of use. This licence overview explains the scope of rights in a simplified manner.

Worldwide use & unlimited in time
Commercial & Non-Commercial Use
Right to modify images
Exemption from the copyright notice obligationxx
Max print run502.00050.000
Authorized users11number of Unlimited-accounts
Storage in the network / DAMxxnumber of Unlimited-accounts

Uses not permitted

  • Use in templates and as part of resale products (e.g. website templates, posters)
  • Transfer of usage rights to affiliated or third party companies (only as an agency in the end product)
  • As part of a logo or trademark
  • In the context of pornographic, sexist, defamatory, racist, religiously offensive or similar representations
  • For distribution or sale on other (free) image platforms, including stockphoto agencies, poster, canvas or other photo product pages, neither digitally nor as a physical product

You can find detailed information about the licence in our terms of use.

What additional licence options are there?

Unlimited print run

For newspapers, packaging, brochures and other printed media over 50,000 you need a standard licence from PantherMedia.

Share files

If you want to share the files in the company network or a DAM system with an unlimited number of colleagues, you need a standard licence from PantherMedia.

Resale items & templates

If you produce items for resale (posters, calendars) or templates with images (websites, presentation templates), you need an extended licence from PantherMedia.

Corporate use

If you want to use the images in subsidiaries, franchise, cooperatives or similar corporate groups, you need an extended licence from PantherMedia.

You can find the image on PantherMedia by clicking the respective link next to the image. Or get yourself a free account with PantherMedia.